Gold Body Jewellery

We have a large range of gold body jewellery (white and yellow) in 9ct, 18ct and 24ct, as well as rose-gold (plated).

Belly bars

Eyebrow bars and rings

Nose studs and rings

Micro-dermal heads

Titanium and Surgical Steel Body Jewellery

We stock a massive range of body piercing jewellery in a variety of metals, as well as bioplast.

Belly bars

Nose rings and studs

Eyebrow rings and bars

Tongue bars

Septum rings/half rings

Industrial bars

Close up of woman's ear showing curated piercings including: inner lobe, stacked lobe, lobe, tragus, double forward helix and helix
Forearm with three dermal anchor piercings on a diagonal

Bioplast Body Jewellery

Bioplast is ideal for those with super sensitive skin, or who need transparent jewellery for school/work. Bioplast can be cut to size and is also quite flexible, (compared to metal).