If you suffer from migraines and headaches, then perhaps consider a daith piercing

Since 2015  we have had clients come in regularly requesting daith piercings specifically for the treatment of migraines and headaches. We were a bit sceptical at first, and there is no medical reason why this works.  The daith is not actually in an acupressure spot, however, the results have been quite amazing. For the majority of those who get a daith piercing, their migraines either disappear entirely, lessen in severity or decrease in frequency. The side of the head that the migraines/headaches tend to arise from is typically the side of the daith piercing. Alternately you can pierce both daiths to cover all the bases.

Where exactly is the daith?

The ‘daith’ is a cartilage fold of the inner ear.

photo of womans ear showing daith, tragus and lobe piercings
Daith piercings can help minimise, reduce frequency of or eliminate migraines.

Miss Demeanour client feedback after having a daith piercing done by us to treat migraines

Chantelle J

“I got my daith done about two-three months ago now as I had 1-2 migraines a week that would sometimes last over a day. I refused to go on medication for it and gave this piercing a go. I’ve only had 3 migraines since having this piercing, which has completely changed my life. It’s definitely worth a shot from people who suffer from migraines.”

Angie H

“I got mine done over 6 months ago and have had no migraine.. Had a couple of headaches .. So glad have had this done”

Brigida S (9 months later)

“I have no migraines at all only a couple of groggy headaches”

Will a daith piercing help my migraines


A daith piercing does not work on everyone for the treatment of migraines and headaches, but it does seem to help the majority of those we pierce.

Are there any risks?

The risks are the same for a daith piercing as with all piercings – see our Piercing FAQ/Tips and ensure you only have piercings done with highly trained, experienced body piercers.

Does a daith piercing hurt

Everyone feels pain differently, so how much it hurts will vary from person to person.

How much does a daith piercing cost?

A daith piercing at Miss Demeanour costs $40, which includes the surgical stainless steel curved bar that we pierce with, and also includes a 2nd piece of jewellery free.

If you wish, we can pierce with a titanium or gold curved bar, at additional cost.

Daith Piercing Jewellery

We pierce with curved bars. We do not pierce with rings as there needs to be enough room for swelling (the body’s natural reaction to a piercing).

Once your daith piercing has healed, we have an extensive range of jewellery that you can change the curved bar to, including beautiful 14ct gold cubic zirconia clicker-rings (these are also suitable for septum piercings).

image showing woman's ear with a gold clicker ring in a daith piercing
Gold clicker ring in a daith piercing
image of woman's ear showing gold jewellery in tragus, daith and lobe
Daith, lobe and tragus piercings - gold and opal jewellery
image of woman's ear with many piercings, black titanium small point jewellery for lobes, upper ear, daith and tragus
Titanium ear jewellery, including lobe, upper ear, tragus and daith.