Body Piercing

All piercings are done with either surgical steel, titanium (grade 23) or solid gold.


Brand-new single use packaged needles are used for every piercing.


We do not re-use needles.


All tools, equipment and jewellery are sterilised prior every use.


Titanium and gold body jewellery is available at extra cost for body piercing.


Please advise the piercer if you wish to be pierced with titanium or gold jewellery.


We stock a wide range of ear and body jewellery, including surgical steel, titanium, and white and yellow gold, bars, rings and studs.

Close up of woman's ear showing curated piercings including lobe, upper lobe, tragus, rook and industrial

Ear Lobe Piercings

Standard Ear Lobes – 1st or 2nd hole position –  $28 – $50 (includes ear studs and piercing of both lobes)

For a small fee we are able to do both ears at the same time!!

Note: children must be 3 months of age or older.

Lobes, 1st or 2nd hole position, requiring the use of a needle (includes jewellery and the piercing of both lobes) $60

Lobes, 4th hole position are pierced with a needle (includes jewellery and the piercing of both lobes) $80

Standard Piercings

The following piercings are $40 (per piercing) and include one standard pieces of jewelry FREE.


Ears: lobe (single hole with needle), daith, tragus, vertical tragus, anti tragus, helix, anti-helix, rook, forward helix, conch, industrial, snug.


Face: Nose, eyebrow, anti-eyebrow, septum.


Mouth: Lip, madonna, monroe, beauty spot, labret, vertical labret, medusa, tongue, smiley, snake bites*, spider bites*, angel bites*.


Body: Navel/belly button,  nipple^, hand webbing.


Note: piercings marked * are $90 total as these involve 2 piercings.

Close up of woman's ear showing curated piercings including: inner lobe, stacked lobe, lobe, tragus, double forward helix and helix
Forearm with three dermal anchor piercings on a diagonal

The following piercings include one free piece of body jewellery:


Skin Divers^ $70


Surface Piercings $65


Dermal Anchors/Microdermals (pierced with titanium)^  $85


Genital/Intimate Piercings (females only)^ $100


Note: you must be 18 yrs or older to receive a piercing marked ^.

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